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We give tuition for all Subjects up to Grade 10 (Matriculation and 0/level).
Especially Mathematics and Physics of Intermediate.
 Teaching All Subject (class 3 – 7)
 Selected subjects (class 7 – 10)

Individualized,  Customized ​Learning  ​Plans

 Individual Learning Plan specific program or strategy of education or learning that takes into consideration the student’s strengths and weaknesses. While normal classroom or distance education is based on the premise that all should get equal attention (a democratic principle), be exposed to same curriculum and evaluated on the same pattern.

Different Students  Require Different Approaches to Learning

Students have different levels of motivation Three categories of diversity that have been shown to have important implications for teaching and learning are differences in students’ learning styles (characteristic ways of taking in and processing information), approaches to learning (surface, deep, and strategic), and intellectual development levels (attitudes about the nature of knowledge and how it should be acquired and evaluated). This article reviews models that have been developed for each of these categories, outlines their pedagogical implications, and suggests areas for further study.

Proven Success: 90% grade improvement; 75% higher test scores

Class work has progressed from review to new material.  Homework is getting harder.  Some of your students may be struggling. Our mission is to empower students through their teachers.  Landmark Outreach shares thinking and strategies that support all students’ efforts to become independent learners and develop a strong sense of self-efficacy.
Only with a solid foundation of basic skills and confidence can students make progress. The more thoroughly instructors understand the differences, the better chance they have of meeting the diverse learning needs of all of their students.

Top College Entrance Exam Preparation

  • Prepare online for medical, engineering, Army, PAF,
    Navy and NTS admission tests.

  • 15,000+ MCQs for Maths, Biology, Physics, Chemistry,
    English and Intelligence.

  • Every single question explained.

  • MCQs sorted by subject, topic and difficulty level.

  • Smart Analytics to help your prepare better.

  • Compare yourself with the other students.

  • Mock tests for GIKI, NUST, ECAT, MCAT etc format.



Here we have different activities for our students to give them better concepts and thinking approach